OrgasmShop Debut! October 23 2013

Welcome to the debut of OneTaste's product line!  Products for a TurnedON life.  

The OrgasmShop is part of OneTaste, a company that teaches Orgasmic Meditation, everything that goes with it, and builds community -- all powered by Orgasm.

My name is Leah.  I'm an OMer, a designer, I stroke, and I get stroked.  OM has brought my life ignition, connection, and an infinite game I could've never imagined.  Before OM, I had what I would call "chronic dissatisfaction".  Through OM, I've found a renewable source of power and energy.  I've also shed off the layers of insecurities and self-consciousness that blocked me from connecting with others.  Now, I flirt and have hot, deep sex that wasn't even on the radar before.


I design these products to spread Orgasm.  Because, we say, "Empty what is full and fill what is empty." 


The OrgasmShop will be having some EXCITING ITERATIONS so this is where I'll be updating and posting.  

For a blast of Orgasm in the morning, or whenever, come here for it!

Happy to be of service,